terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

In the cold, cold night

I am sure that it is colder in São Paulo in winter than here right now.

Here in Canada - Toronto, let's be fair - it is pretty cold, especially if we talk about the infamous "feels like", which is the real feel. More often than not, the real feel is about 5 to 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature. Sometimes the wind is so strong that it is hard to stand still and not shiver - and swear a little... lol...

But here in Canada every place is heated. Central heating pumping and each and every room is as warm as a summer morning. It never gets really cold whenever you are indoors. Great advantage over spending winter in tropical places - there is no heating there! Can you imagine how cold it must be in Porto Alegre or São Joaquim at 0ºC?! Whereas here it is just ok. It is ok when it is -5ºC, -10ºC... Because when you are inside you don't suffer, you don't feel cold.

Nevertheless, what really bugs me is not the cold. Still not sure how I like snow yet. Instead, what really, really gets to me is how early it gets dark! Before 5pm and it is dark! Soon it is going to be dark out by 4pm and it is so damn scary! It feels like night too early... and I love the sunshine. I love to see blue skies and, boy, is the sky here one of the most amazing things!

There is a song by the White Stripes called "In the Cold, Cold Night" and I have been listening to it quite a lot. Perhaps it is cold outside, perhaps it is night out. Perhaps it is just a song.