domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013

E as temperaturas caem...

O outono está a todo vapor e, além das folhas, caem também as temperaturas. Máximas e mínimas, às vezes, ficam entre 0ºC e 9ºC, e a sensação térmica - bem, essa é outra história!

Vejo os amigos em  Calgary e Saskatoon e Regina postando fotos com neve, falando de temperaturas abaixo de zero e ainda é outubro. Penso, ainda sem saber se com alegria ou temor, que o frio está chegando a Toronto e imagino quando será que vou ter que me empacotar de roupas novamente.

Este será nosso primeiro inverno, e realmente não sei ainda o que esperar. Já temos botas de neve, casacos - espero que sejam quentes o suficiente - luvas e gorros e calças segunda pele. É com alguma ansiedade que encaro a chegada da nova estação... mas pelo menos sabemos que estará frio mesmo.

Agora, no outono, fico sem saber que roupas usar. Será que tal casaco é quente o suficiente ou quente demais? Já dá para usar isso ou aquilo? E se eu usar isso, será que quer dizer que 'isso' não é quente o suficiente para o inverno?! Enfim...

Vamos vivendo e aprendendo. Primeiro inverno up ahead e vamos aprendendo com a experiência!

Nos vemos em breve!!

quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013

Thanksgiving and giving thanks

Boy, have I been away from this blog!

Sil's sister has just left, she stayed with us for two weeks and, during that time, it was impossible to spare time to come here. We were all the time going from place to place, showing things and learning more about our city. We even got to go to Niagara Falls! It was our first time there.

Past Monday it was Thanksgiving here in Canada. Our first Thanksgiving ever, and it was so nice to be able to celebrate it with friends and family. The idea, here in Canada, is to be thankful for our 'harvest', which I come to think means we should be thankful for the things life throws at us, good or not so good - because, then, it is an opportunity to make it better, to learn, to improve, to be able to enjoy things when they are truly good.

I am thankful for having Sil in my life, and thankful that she pestered me to apply for the process and wouldn't let go unless I filled in the forms and sent them to Nova Scotia. Blessed be, Sil! Now, because of her, I am here in Canada, enjoying life in a fair country, where people are not treated like cattle and there really is respect amongst city dwellers and governors.

Some may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

I'm not turning the blind eye to the wrongs of the city, to hardship and low moments. Life is not made of highs only, and I'm fully aware of that. But I'm happy to embrace it all, I'm happy to see leaves turning to brown and falling onto the ground, I'm happy to see people from countries I never knew existed, I'm happy to feel like an outcast at any given moment, because I know it is the beginning, I know each day that goes by brings me closer to settling in. I know that next year, by this time, this blog may be gone and it might actually be cold outside and I might loathe the end of summer, stuffing myself with vitamin D and praying that winter be gentle. Still, I can hardly wait! =)

I am thankful for being able to live, to go after my dreams, to have dreams - after all! Recently my ex-girlfriend killed herself. It was a shock to me, on the very same day she had sent me a message via LinkedIn, I could not have guessed. Why would a youthful person decide it is time to end it? And I realized I have been extremely blessed throughout my whole life. I have been blessed with an amazing wife, with a gorgeous cat ( =]), with a winning past as a swimmer, as a triathlete, as a student at university, as an ESL/EFL author, as a teacher. All my dreams have come true - ok, not all of them, I still have some to come! lol I can only be thankful, even if reality is not as perfect as it should be, even if my balcony is under restoration and the noise tends to become unbearable, even if what I make every month can just about make ends meet, even if I have put on more kilos than I am willing to admit and my white hair seems to be multiplying atop my head.

Life neither is nor will be perfect. Life is what it is; alive, therefore, uncontrollable. One needs to learn and take it as it comes. Some say we should make juice, some say we should brush things off and keep going, but I say we should just live. We say thanks, we honor each day and we eagerly look forward to another awakening, another morning that we can open our eyes and say: thank you for being alive!

Thank you all my friends - real or virtual - you know that alone we are nothing and without you, guys, we would not be so positive and optimistic. Having beloved ones who are there, through the long wait, through breakfast, through falling snow and through the joys of being here is what keeps the flame alive. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel.